We have our own rustservers

We are a bunch of guys who play rust together, we have our own servers, and since we really enjoy building in this game we will make sure servers are beeing backuped properly to minimize risk of loss. Of course servers will get wiped when facepunch decides to release bigger Patches, sometimes a full wipe is required. come and play with us. our servers are listed to the right.

One of the servers are a 30 slotserver started 18 march 2015 located in Stockholm. The server name is Rustaddicts [EU] NoWipes – it has some basic plugins as “see who died and why, see who logged in, and faster crafting. It also has a LIVE MAP to find your way easier. This server has a LIVEMAP that you can wiew here

Second server is located in warsawa (Poland) 50 slots server. started 18 march 2015 Name of this server is “Swehellsgate” welcome to play on both our servers.

Third server is Pirat3s Nowipe server. 50 slots server located in Poland. Started 16 march 2015. backups taken every 600 sec. Has already some active players on the server.

Everyone is welcome to play on our servers. Our admins has no advantage in anyway, its fair gameplay and we expect a positive mature attitude from you when playing at our servers. we dont have a lot of rules, PVP allowed.

randalSometimes we just hang around the fire and talk. Since game has voice support it makes it pretty funny. This night we tryed to shoot straight up to the skye with rifles and bows, to see if the bullet came back down, and YES it did! both the bullets from the rifle and the arrows from the bow. Come play rust with us, its only a alpha version but its already awsome

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