Rustaddicts – NoWipeS | Gathering x 10 | Stacksize 10k

Server was very recently setup and has already active players on it. The settings for this server is now decided and adjusted. These following plugins has been installed and activated :

Oxide 2.0
Gathering x 10
Stacksize 10k

Planedrops every 20 mins
Death/login/kill notes.
Mapsize 6000

Server seems very stabile, and has around 5-6 active players right now. sofar no PVP only PVE going on, but hopefully we can start PVPing soon when all players has established a good base and built every weapon they might need. Backups are working great! tryed to even wipe the server and then install a backup to see if it really works and yes it does.

The unique skintones of every player makes the charactar a bit more personal wich is good. Swe marine is black and hard to see in the dark : ) The livemap is a awsome feature on our server. And now the lanterns really rock since you can load them with 100k a wood, they will stay live for days now without refill. come and play on our server for fun moments ! Welcome !


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