The treasurehunt on “Rustaddicts” continues

May 1 – 2   – 288 Treasureboxes has been placed out on the server, spread out on the map ,mostly on a bit tricky places, hidden in bushes or built up or high rocks. Some of these treasures can be found in rivers under the surface aswell. The first 250 treasures has no lock on the boxes, but i figured out its better to add a lock on them so the boxes have to be smashed to be able to loot them.

Some clues about were a few of the treasures are hidden:

What does these treasureboxes contain ?

Some of the treasureboxes only contains some bandage and food, the best ones has several ammotypes / rockets / grenades . Some has hazmat clothes for radtowns and others have resources Wood, metal and stone.

Vote on our server to get more players to play around with! Thx for your vote!

Click here to vote ! Click on the green “votebutton” Our server name is “Rustaddicts” Do you like this server and wanna make sure it stays up ? Help me pay the rent? even 5$  is morre then welcome as a donation : Click here to donate to serverfee

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