Monday update – Rustaddicts

Hey all Rustaddicted people!

Ok i was thinking it is time for a small update blogpost about what is going on, on our beloved rustserver. First of all i wanna say thank you again to all our donators to helping out with having this server up and rolling. We have no increased server memory to 2600 mb ram . We increased slots from 30 to 40, and server performance is now perfect! So if you are located in scandinavia this is absolutely the best and most stabile serve to play on : ) . Please vote for our server at TOPRUSTSERVERS.COM and . Thank you for voting!

Plugins installed on our server :

Gather x10  – faster gathering of resources
Deathnotes – Messeges about when someone die
Notifier – connectionmesseges
Auto doorcloser –  door closes on auto
Cheatpunch – anticheat
Privatemesseging – send PM`s
Stacksizes – bigger stacks.
Create clans – Removed temporary

Events on rustaddicts : 

Arenawars are beeing arranged by admin a few times per day if people want it, winning survivors gets prices. These arenafights are with different weapons and gear each time, from boneknifes to rocketlaunchers, everything is possible.

Recent Screenshots:



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