100 Treasurechest ! added on tuesday 12th may 2015

Ok its time for treasurehunt again! this time with someting very valuable inside them. each treasurechest has 100 black raspberries + 100 bandages in them. Since they are in stack of 100 each its valuable items to save storage. the black raspberries heal you a lot faster than for example meat. there is also a maintreasure out there =) on a very well hidden spot =). Good luck with your treasure hunt! this treasurehunt wont be announched about on the server, its mainly for the blogreaders. from now on treasurehunts will only be told about on the blog mainly. good luck hunting these bandages and black raspberries. i added screenshots of some hidingspots! since the treasurechests are locked you need to break them to get the loot inside. Would be greatful if you voted for the server at : http://toprustservers.com/server/1111

screenshots of hidingspots:  (not all of them)


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