Finally new update is here for Rust – experimental

I know LIVEMAP was not working during the night! I have fixed this now . IT WORKS!

This week alot of new items were implented into the game. Actually more items than they normally do release in a whole month. All love new items and i decided to try them out. There were alot of new changes made to the gamemechanics aswell, good improvements. Some of the improvements are:

  • Fixed melee attack exploits.
  • Fixed missing pickup icon.
  • Fixed map being all blue on lower graphics settings.
  • Fixed weapon models at feet.
  • Fixed dropped items falling through rocks (potentially).
  • Fixed escape not working properly on rename sleeping bag screen.
  • Can cancel in progress craft.
  • Crafting cancelled on die, resources returned to corpse.
  • Crafting cancelled on disconnect, resources returned to sleeper.
  • Fixed clicking invisible crafting buttons when looting.
  • Updated Steam SDK.
  • Fixed player stats not uploading.
  • Tweaked building components to prevent building in rocks


 The new items with this patch are :

different types of barricades, candlehat to see in dark, new high velocity ammotypes, signal grenades. Smocke rockets, floorspikes. High velocity rockets.
Screenshots of me testing some of the new stuff :  Look at the slider for splitting stuff! GREAT! been waiting for this!




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