New Rule ! Excessive building of useless constructions

Ok we need a new rule on our beloved server. Against “Excessive building of useless constructions” for those who dont understand the meaning of this, i attached two images that shows what this means, everything like this causes the server to slow down, so if we wanna run it as smooth as possible, try to not spam with crap like this. its inserted in rules now .

2015-05-15_00019 2015-05-15_00020


Finally new update is here for Rust – experimental

I know LIVEMAP was not working during the night! I have fixed this now . IT WORKS!

This week alot of new items were implented into the game. Actually more items than they normally do release in a whole month. All love new items and i decided to try them out. There were alot of new changes made to the gamemechanics aswell, good improvements. Some of the improvements are:

  • Fixed melee attack exploits.
  • Fixed missing pickup icon.
  • Fixed map being all blue on lower graphics settings.
  • Fixed weapon models at feet.
  • Fixed dropped items falling through rocks (potentially).
  • Fixed escape not working properly on rename sleeping bag screen.
  • Can cancel in progress craft.
  • Crafting cancelled on die, resources returned to corpse.
  • Crafting cancelled on disconnect, resources returned to sleeper.
  • Fixed clicking invisible crafting buttons when looting.
  • Updated Steam SDK.
  • Fixed player stats not uploading.
  • Tweaked building components to prevent building in rocks


 The new items with this patch are :

different types of barricades, candlehat to see in dark, new high velocity ammotypes, signal grenades. Smocke rockets, floorspikes. High velocity rockets.
Screenshots of me testing some of the new stuff :  Look at the slider for splitting stuff! GREAT! been waiting for this!




Another donation comes in…..

Its very nice to hear that im doing a good job as a admin on rustaddicts server. But now i feel almost bad when people are donating big amounts of cash to keep the server running. This is the second time Quiris donates a large amount, with the funds we have now, server is payed for till november-december of this year. Thats good tho, at least you all know now we wont dissapere anywere.  Thank you so much again Quiris, you cant be 100 % sure that the money goes straight to serverhost.

Raiding is part of the game

Today when i logged on to the game, i noticed someone was out there raiding KOK clan. so i asked if i can follow them with the camera and add it to the blog.
Pictures showing KOK guys beeing raided, approved to have these images uploaded by the raiders.
Just saying, me as admin do not take part in any raids in any way. but if u wanna raid and get it published like this one, hit me up in game.


New bridge opened on our server


A bridge is opened on our server, this bridge is for everyone, it has no locked gates or anything. Feel free to use it, do not try to take it over or “own” it i nany way please.
Here is also some mix of screenshots from past 24 on the server. For example the rocket arena “castlewars” event.

100 Treasurechest ! added on tuesday 12th may 2015

Ok its time for treasurehunt again! this time with someting very valuable inside them. each treasurechest has 100 black raspberries + 100 bandages in them. Since they are in stack of 100 each its valuable items to save storage. the black raspberries heal you a lot faster than for example meat. there is also a maintreasure out there =) on a very well hidden spot =). Good luck with your treasure hunt! this treasurehunt wont be announched about on the server, its mainly for the blogreaders. from now on treasurehunts will only be told about on the blog mainly. good luck hunting these bandages and black raspberries. i added screenshots of some hidingspots! since the treasurechests are locked you need to break them to get the loot inside. Would be greatful if you voted for the server at :

screenshots of hidingspots:  (not all of them)